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Reference: 31757


Writing ³ rio for sale in Aviz. optimal investment, since it is leased for € 900.00 / Month. © eat at Commerce, and served the § transport. § categories for more information please contact us throught © s Phone 229399510 or

 210,000.00 € 

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Further details


      Reference Nº 31757
      Modality: Sale

      Property Type: Office
      Beds: Indiferenciado

      District: Porto
      Town: Porto
      Town suburb: Aldoar
      Neighbourhood: Aviz /Parque da Cidade


      Useful area: 75.00 m2
      Rude area: 75.00 m2
      Field Area: -

   Year of Construction

      Year: -


      Fraction: -
Other details
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